Writing Exercise…

Today’s writing prompt is a picture! I get so many ideas when I look at this image and I wonder if I should use it as a beginning, middle or end of my story. What would you do? Is the person on the left a vampire about to make the woman his prey? Is it a couple who are out for a moonlight stroll when all of the sudden they’re attacked by an escaped convict? What if these people are just minding their own business and enjoying eachother’s company when all of the sudden one of them is abducted by aliens?  Or what if the man on the left is an alien who comes back to earth to visit his human lover? Is it a couple that can never be together because someone forbade their relationship and this is the last time they’ll see eachother? You get the drift! My imagination is running away with me and all from a single image. You can do the same and who knows, it could be just the beginning of your next bestseller! Happy Writing!




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